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V-Ray for Softimage is now available!

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Chaos Group unites the rendering workflow for VFX and animation studios with V-Ray for Softimage, the latest addition to the V-Ray product line up

Shading in V-Ray for Softimage
Supporting Softimage‘s award-winning ICE system, dynamic geometry and V-Ray proxy objects, V-Ray for Softimage is capable of handling even the most demanding of scenes, with all their complexities. Its physically-based toolset includes versatile shaders, lights and cameras, and it’s entirely possible to standardise the rendering workflow with the quality, speed and stability of the V-Ray core.

Key features in V-Ray for Softimage include:


  • Render particles, strands, hair, and geometry produced by Softimage’s ICE system
  • Manage scene memory and efficiently render massive amounts of geometry with V-Ray Proxy
  • Render dynamic geometry such as displacement, proxy objects, fur, and hair
  • Use all geometry animation and deformations applied through animated parameters and key frames, the Animation Mixer, and ICE-based simulations


  • Create materials based on physical properties using V-Ray’s versatile shaders
  • Use built-in Render Tree procedural shaders, computational, and logic nodes
  • Simplify the texturing process and eliminate the need to assign UVs using Ptex
  • Simplify the creation of complex multi-layered automotive paints using the VRayCarPaintMtl
  • Render hair and fur with unprecedented control, quality, and speed using the VRayHairMtl

Lights & Illumination

  • Create simple, artifact-free image-based lighting using the Dome Light
  • Create realistic illumination using physically-based lights, including IES lights and texture-mapped area lights
  • Emulate real-world atmospheric lighting conditions using the V-Ray Sun and Sky system

Cameras and Optics

  • Render true 3D motion blur using the V-Ray Physical Camera
  • Create fast and accurate depth of field with bokeh effects using the V-Ray Physical Camera
  • Import displacement maps from Nuke to match lens distortion

Check out Chaos Group’s overview video:

A V-Ray for Softimage demo and other tutorial videos are all available on the Chaos Group website.

Chaos Group encourages users to submit artwork created using V-Ray for Softimage for its online gallery. Simply email your submissions to images[at]chaosgroup[dot]com.