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Art and science meet in Spectacular Science, a collaboration between University for Creative Arts and University of Kent that’s resulted in 4 catchy animations

A challenge set by Dr Peter Klappa of University of Kent (UoK) to create CG animations as a response to bio-scientific scenarios was enthusiastically set to 4 University for Creative Arts (UCA) graduates. We take a look at the entertaining, inspiring and challenging results that blow through the cobwebs of dusty old explanations to help audiences understand – and enjoy – science!

Tom Beg
‘Life Cycle of a Mushroom’ was inspired by early American animation, such as the ‘Silly Symphonies’ series and other early Walt Disney shorts. The 1920s soundtrack aptly defines the style, mood and pace to Tom’s bouncy work.

Pol Winandy
Enjoying playing around with scale and perspective to force viewers to consider magnitude and importance, ‘Immune System’ is an immersive short animation with all the drama of a sci-fi invasion!

Sebastian Schauman
‘Fighting an Infection’ plays with personifications of the cells that take part in the immune system, featuring a cast of marshmellow-like characters. “As the subject did not need me to get too scientific with my animation, I quite quickly decided to take the cartoony path with the visuals,” he says.

Simon Holland
Going for a painterly look with ‘Infection by Influenza Virus’, Simon uses symbolism and scale to determine aspects when creating the different scenes. “The cellular environment is a world within a wolrd,” he says, “where the lines between the organic and the machine start to blur.”

You can check out all the animations produced for the collaborative project on the Spectacular Science blog, complete with their works in progress.