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StretchMesh Deformation software to go open source

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Kickstand launches a campaign to make surface deformation software available to all 3D artists

StretchMesh gives better control over movement and skin elasticity

Kickstand, the innovators behind the popular StretchMesh plug-in for Maya, has announced a new campaign to evolve StretchMesh Deformation into open source technology. With this bold move, Kickstand will open the doors for Maya artists to incorporate the surface deformation technology into their 3D workflow.

The StretchMesh open-source initiative will also allow programmers and developers of applications such as 3ds Max, Softimage, LightWave, modo and Cinema 4D to incorporate advanced surface deformation functionality into future product releases.

StretchMesh is a powerful surface deformation plug-in for Maya

About StretchMesh:

StretchMesh is a powerful surface deformation plug-in designed to seamlessly integrate with Maya. Introducing new techniques into the character pipeline, it gives polygonal geometry a ‘stretchy’ quality for better control over the movement and skin elasticity of 3D modelled characters.

Its advanced relational vertex and shape preservation technology offers animators and technical directors working in feature film, broadcast and game development the ability to create smooth character deformations using Maya.

By taking advantage of multi-threading in Maya, StretchMesh incorporates several features for advanced character animation, including:

  • Greater flexibility and performance when animating collisions with primitive sphere and primitive curve colliders
  • The ability to paint an influence on a collision object for per-vertex control over collision behaviours
  • Curve attractors provide the ability to pull vertices toward the closest point on a curve
  • A ‘Scale Safe’ mode that allows users to scale a mesh while safely preserving its initial shape

Kickstand is currently inviting the 3D community to support the StretchMesh open-source campaign. Find out more about the software on the Kickstand website.