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Bobby Chiu and Coro Kaufman release new books

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Art masters Bobby Chiu and Coro Kaufman have released self-authored books this month to thoroughly inspire the world’s artists

The Perfect Bait by Bobby Chiu

Bobby Chiu‘s ‘The Perfect Bait’ is dedicated to helping artists discover their natural style and create demand for their work. Having written down the thoughts and methods that have worked for his own career during the last decade (and boy, what a career!), this book draws upon his experiences – as well as the stories of the talented artists he’s met – to encourage others to reach out for success.

The Perfect Bait is available now in paperback for $14.99 US. That’s 75 pages of inspirational goodness from a super art hero – for under 15 bucks! We like this.

Transient Man by Coro Kaufman

Coro Kaufman‘s Transient Man is a graphic novel that falls under Massive Black‘s own IP. Inspired by the streets of San Francisco, it’s a black comedy about a homeless man that believes himself to be an ‘inter-dimensional saviour of humanity’. Whether he is indeed the ‘chosen one’, or a lunatic roaming the streets on a mission to save the universe, we can’t help but revel in the awesome artwork by the hands of Massive Black’s art director.

Check out this interior spread for a taste of what the 212 large format full colour pages have to offer:

Bobby Chiu and Coro Kaufman release new books

You can pre-order Transient Man now from the Massive Black Store for $45.00 US (orders will be shipped on 15 December). You can even get your copy signed for an additional $15.00! We’ve already asked Santa for a Pigeonman tee.