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And the winner of CG Whiz 2011 is…

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Escape Studios HQ in London was filled with champagne and discussion as the competition finalists waited nervously to find out who would be named CG Whiz 2011

Daniel Danielsson wins first place in CG Whiz 2011

As 2012 draws ever nearer, it’s a time for reflection on the year just passed and an opportunity to set sights on new goals for the year ahead.

For an amateur artist with no training or professional background in CG, being crowned CG Whiz 2011 is the very best end to one year, and the perfect start for the next. Daniel Danielsson wowed the CG Whiz 2011 judges with a showreel that demonstrated how he’d taken it upon himself to learn the software he needed to reach professional results.

Escape Studios said: “We asked Daniel, right after he’d found out that he’d won, how he felt on a scale of one to ten, he told us after some thought, that actually, he ‘Felt – like a Viking!’ For us, that comment really did sum up what this competition is about: giving people the recognition they deserve and help them break into the industry.”

Daniel has won a work placement at The Mill, setting him up nicely for what we hope to be a long and happy career in the CG industry. Escape Studios reported: “Adam Droy, the first ever winner of the CG Whiz competition, now works at The Mill full time and he was there to lend his support to Daniel. Adam really does understand the doors that this competition will open for our 2011 winner.”

Other winners of the CG Whiz 2011 competition included 3D generalist Yunsung Cho, winning the Young Professional category, while Leanne Towers took second place in the Amateurs category.

Stay tuned to Escape Studios throughout 2012 for more competitions that open the doors to new, undiscovered talent.