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Chaos Group releases Phoenix FD 2.0

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Phoenix FD 2.0 makes a splash with new liquid and foam capabilities, splash simulator, new particle shader and enhanced GPU performance

Phoenix FD 2.0 from Chaos Group makes a splash

Chaos Group holds its reputation as one of the leading developers of software solutions for the CG industry with the release of Phoenix FD 2.0, the newest version of the company’s grid-based simulator.

Phoenix FD 2.0 provides speed and flexibility with a host of exciting new features, including:

  • Simulation of foam and splashes – With the new and improved core, Phoenix FD 2.0 is capable of generating particles for foam and splash simulations. This new technology increases the realism of liquid simulations
  • Foam and splash particle shader – Phoenix FD 2.0 comes with a new particle shader, allowing users full control when creating foam and splashes
  • GPU preview improvements – Phoenix FD 2.0 includes an enhanced GPU preview, supporting diffuse colour shading and lighting directly in the viewport. GPU-based renderings can be saved automatically as PNG files, allowing the user to preview simulations without the need to re-render on the CPU

For more detailed information about Phoenix FD 2.0, check out the full features list.

You can also check out various simulation videos on Chaos Group’s YouTube Channel.