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3D Artist interview: Bruno Jimenez

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Paris-based 3D Artist Bruno Jimenez reveals how to improve your CG and succeed as a freelancer

Bruno Jimenez is a self-taught, freelance CG artist from Santiago, Chile. He’s now based in Paris and has produced work for a number of high-profile clients including McDonald’s and Amnesty International.

3D Artist interview: Bruno Jimenez

3D Artist: As a freelancer, how important is it to be seen in the 3D community?
Bruno Jiménez: Your work is not taking you anywhere if it stays at home on your computer without anyone to see it. There are so many talented people who are capable of giving good advice and helping you with critiques.

3DA: Your dyanmic anatomy 3D sketches are superb! How do you keep your skills up to par?
BJ: I took some human figure drawing classes at ENSBA, here in Paris. Anatomy is fundamental for anyone aspiring to work as a character artist – even if you do cartoon characters. Having an understanding of anatomy, and human and animal mechanics, can make a huge difference in the final result.

3D Artist interview: Bruno Jimenez

3DA: What advice can you offer for a better artist showcase?

BJ: There’s no real secret… the only thip I can give to anyone is to train not only your CG skills, but also your eyes. Look at movies, photos and classical artists. Read books about lighting and visual composition. Get a nice camera and spend a couple of horus per week shooting. CG is not that difficult, so spend your time educating your perception and then go back into CG and use everything you’ve learned.

To see more of Bruno’s work check out his online portfolio.

Images © Bruno Jimenez