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CINEMA 4D Release 13 arrives in style

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Launched with entirely new branding, CINEMA 4D Release 13 simplifies character animation, adds stereoscopic capabilities, and features brand new and enhanced rendering

CINEMA 4D Release 13 arrives in style

There’s a lot of work being done in CINEMA 4D – even if we don’t realise it. At Siggraph 2011, a TRON: Legacy talk at the Maxon booth highlighted just how capable the software is in the film industry, and with stereoscopic capabilities and rendering power the buzz words of 2011, Release 13 aims to hit all the right buttons.

What’s new in CINEMA 4D Release 13?

  • The new and enhanced rendering engine features: • physically-accurate rendering for photoreal images, • efficient subsurface scattering for the efficient creation of translucent materials like milk, skin and wax, • a shared image sampler to save time by combining sampling for multiple effects, and • new anti-aliasing  filters for higher quality anti-aliasing using the Mitchell and Gauss algorithms
  • New stereoscopic workflow offers: • stereoscopic camera conversion for control to easily convert any camera to a Parallel, On-Axis, Off-Axis or Radical Stereoscopic camera, • stereo image workflow and preview directly in the 3D editor using anaglyph, interlaced, shutter or side-by-side methods, • stereo rendering options to allow users to easily render merged stereoscopic images, or separate images for each eye, and • picture viewer support to animate stereo renders, adjust parallax, and export renders as merged or individual stereo files
  • The more accessible character tools include: • a new character object, which includes an auto rigger to simplify the process of building a righ and applying it to a character, • the new CMotion system to create your own preset parametric walk cycles based on cyclic motion, a • new muscle system for custom-shaped muscles that can be anchored to multiple joints within a rig, and • new collision deformer to deform surfaces based on collisions, enabling characters to intuitively interact with their surrounding environment
  • General workflow, modelling and animation improvements offer: a • revamped navigation system, • ‘sticky keys’, a • new spline data user interface, a • location indicator, • surface manipulation and many • animation enhancements based on user feedback

Find out more about the key highlights of Release 13 here. And if you’re at IBC this week then head to the MAXON stand (located in the RAI Exhibition and Congress Centre, Hall 6, Stand 6, C10) to see Release 13’s first official European trade show appearance.

More information about the all-new CINEMA 4D Release 13 line up can be discovered over at maxon.net.