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New Escape courses unveiled

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Two new courses from Escape Studios, geared to helping aspiring VFX artists land specialist roles

New Escape courses unveiled

Two new classroom courses for those looking to further their careers have today been announced, as follows, both designed to equip artists with the tools they need to specialise in their chosen areas:

  • The Compositing Professional
  • Visual Effects Animation Professional

The Compositing Professional – This 18-week program follows the same 12 weeks of study as Escape’s Compositing for Production course, but features an additional 6 weeks of advancd training in the likes of stereoscopic compositing and 3D workflow for compositors. A dedicated project week also allows students to fine-tune showreels in preparation for the real world.

The Compositing Professional course starts 26 September 2011. To apply, visit http://www.escapestudios.co.uk/compositing-professional

Visual Effects Animation Professional – Designed to give artists those skills required to fill the vital role between animators and VFX artist, this second 18-week course will see students learn the tools and techniques needed to create realistic movement in CG objects and characters, while employing a range of skills to solve the technical problems encountered when animating for VFX.

Visual Effects Animation Professional starts 15 August 2011. To apply, visit www.escapestudios.co.uk/visual-effects-animation-professional