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ZBrush 4 student license and course offer

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Students! Get the right know-how with an Escape Studios bundle offering a student license of the industry-hot ZBrush 4 sculpting software package, plus an online course in ZBrush for 3D artists

As demand for skilled ZBrush artists in the industry increases, it’s more important than ever for artists to make the right skills visible to the right people. Escape Studios is offering the chance for students the skills that the industry is demanding through a ‘ZBrush Know-How’ student bundle, which combines the advanced ‘ZBrush for 3D Artists’ online course with a student licence of ZBrush 4 to help artists stay top of their game. But alas, it won’t last forever. Be sure to visit Escape Studios to find out more before the offer expires on 31 January 2011. Happy ZBrushing!