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3D Artist issue 24 now on sale!

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Including how to blend 3D with 2D, arch-vis hints & tips, plus more!

3D Artist issue 24 now on sale!

If you’re suffering with the post-Holiday blues, we’re here with something that’ll brighten up your day! The latest issue of 3D Artist is now on sale and it contains all manner of digital art goodness for you to feast your eyes upon. First up, as you can see from our Fifties femme, we’ve got a tutorial on blending 3D with 2D – Warner McGee guides you through the creation of this gorgeous gal. There’s even a 12-minute timelapse video of him sketching her up that you can watch on the free cover disc!

Elsewhere in the issue, Olivier Bucheron (AKA Zamak) provides an interesting insight into the inspiration behind his distinctive designs and the concept stage of his creations. His expert advice is excellent for applying to your own work. However, if bricks and mortar are more your thing then you’ll love our arch-vis tutorial from Uniform’s Mark Lee – in it he reveals the techniques behind one of his latest commerical projects.

For the stop-motion fans out there, we have a quirky character design tutorial inspired by puppets. Digital illustrator Richard Yot talks us through creating a character using Sculptris and modo. That’s not all, though. Hard-surface modeller, Craig A Clark, shows us how to model a set of alloy wheels for a supercar; meanwhile, Angel Diaz sculpts a steampunk robot simian.

If you fancy bringing your creations to life then check out our 3D printing feature – it’s packed full of advice, price guides and background info. Issue 24 also includes a Masterclass on Volumetric effects in V-Ray for Maya, realistic interior lighting in Cinema 4D, using your assets in Maya, Creating storefronts in 3ds Max and working with mocap files in Blender.

There’s all this and loads more besides. 3D Artist is available from all good newsagents, supermarkets and online here. Feel free to place your comments in the box below, the forum, or the official 3D Artist Facebook page.

Thanks for reading, guys!