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Free Maya tutorial from Escape Studios

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Escape Studios have just released a brand new tutorial for September, with free access for all. Great for those who want to enhance their production-level modelling skills, this 10-minute tutorial will help you give a new lease of life to your models!

Free Maya tutorial from Escape Studios

Taken from the final part of Escape Studios’ Advanced Shading with Maya online course the tutorial takes a look at the steps needed to create a realistic render, adding bump detail with procedural textures and making use of effects. Taking you through the vital steps needed to bring your models to life, the tutorial is broken down into:

  • Bump mapping with procedural textures
  • Adjusting surface detail
  • Adding and adjusting depth of field
  • Light fog
  • Render settings

To access the tutorial for free, simply register for a free account on Escape Studios to download from the Free Resource Centre, or for those already cleverly signed up for free Escape goodies, login now here: www.escapestudios.co.uk/Security/login