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Free ZBrush tutorial

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Access a free in-depth ZBrush tutorial from Escape Studios from the brand new, soon-to-be-released ZBrush Course, designed to help you sharpen your skills to an advanced level

Free ZBrush tutorial
Create a “Wear and Tear” mask on a pre-made gas mask model, learning how to use the right tools to create the fine details, in particular looking at how to use photographs for good alphas, and how to apply them to your ZBrush model. At just 12 minutes long, this is a nice, quick way to enhance your skillset!

Tutorial Breakdown:

* Light Box
* MakeAlpha
* Masking with alphas
* Export alpha
* 3D Layers
* Focal Shift
* Deformation Inflate
* Erasing with the Morph brush
* Grayscale, 16 bit images
* Adjustments Black and White
* Adjustments Levels
* Make Stencil
* Adjusting Stencils

To access the free tutorial, visit the Escape Studios website, where you’ll need to register for free access. It’s quick and simple, and you’ll be given your own password to access the free content.